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"Over Forty Years of Professional Service"


Energy efficiency, maintenance free, ease of cleaning and aesthetics are what the discerning home owner is looking for in a new window today. Fleming Windows brings over 40 years of experience to help you get the most value for your renovation dollar.


All of the windows that we sell today are "Energy Star" rated.
All the Vinylbilt Windows have been tested and meet the new NAFS 2014 (North American Fenestration Standards) that came into effect Jan. 01/2014
Low E glass, argon gas filled and warm edge technology are standard on our windows.
Low E glass can be upgraded to Low E squared or even Low E cubed.
Triple glazing is available for added thermal and/or sound transmission performance.
Low E 366 from Cardinal Glass is available on most windows and may be used on southern or western facing windows where solar heat could be a problem.
Low E 366 is better at blocking solar heat than the traditional tinted glass and allow more light penetration then the tinted glass.
All of our windows come with double, and some with triple sets of weather stripping so that when the window is locked down the seal is so tight, air infiltration is minimal operating windows have similar ratings to fixed windows.


Most of the windows that we sell today are manufactured using a high quality extruded vinyl, cut and welded to exacting standards.
Vinyl is the material of choice for warmth and maintenance free in today's modern windows.
Many of windows come with Cardinal's "Simply Clean" exterior glass coating as a standard feature.


Many of our windows have a tilt in function to allow for easy cleaning. Double sliders and double hung windows have sash that will flip to the interior to allow for the easy cleaning of the exterior glass.
Crank open casement windows when fully opened will allow you to reach out to clean the outside pane.
"Simply Clean" glass coating is available on most of our windows and comes as a standard no charge feature on many of our windows.
The vinyl sash and frames clean up to look like new with just soap and water.
With just the occasional light spray of silicone lubricant your windows will perform like the day they were installed.

Casement Windows

One of the highest energy rated operating windows available.
With concealed hinges these windows will crank open to allow full ventilation.
Hinged right or left these windows have a single lever multi-point lock system,that when locked down provides air tight security, second to none.
These windows come with an interior easily removable full screen.
Folding/nesting crank handle mechanisms are standard on all our operating casements.
With many available options in colour, glass and accessories these windows can modernize any home.


Vinylbilt Awning with vinyl trim
Awnings have all the same details as the casement window but are hinged from the top and crank out at the bottom.
Most often used as a bathroom or kitchen window they have the advantage of being able to vent without letting in the rain.

Fixed Picture Windows


Available in very large sizes they have the highest energy rating of any window.
Round Top, Octagonal or Oval are only a few of the available shapes for this style of window.
Add any of the many interior,exterior frame profiles or glass options available for that unique,personalized window that you're looking for.


Single / Double Vertical Slider

They are the traditional window style.
Double Hung windows may come with either a full or half screen mounted on the exterior.
Both sash slide up and down for ventilation from the top,bottom or both.
Sash are hung in position with spiral or coil balances the assist the operation of the sash up and down.
Both sash on a double hung will tilt to the interior for easy cleaning.
Single Hung Windows only have a half screen and only the bottom sash will slide for venting and cleaning.
This traditional style of window lends itself well to the addition of colonial grills.



Double/Single Horizontal Sliders

This style of window gained popularity in the 1960's to 70's.
Economically priced this window features easy cleaning.
The window sash will lift out or tilt in for easy cleaning of the exterior glass.



Flwer Bay
Transform any room into an indoor garden with a custom designed Greenhouse Window.
Greenhouse Windows protrude outward from your home, letting in more natural light.
The awning style top opens with a crank allowing outside airflow in.

Greenhouse 001


Tilt & Turn

This is a European designed window.
With an outside mounted screen the tilts and turns to the interior.
The window has a lever handle that operates the venting sash.
Turning the lever to a horizontal position will allow the sash to open as a door.
Turning the lever all the way up to the vertical position engages the vent function that tilts the sash in at the top. This allows air ventilation while keeping your home secure.
Turning the lever to the down position engages the multi-point lock system that locks the sash into the frame on all sides making an air tight secure seal.