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Clearview Patio Doors

6500 Series

The 6500 series is manufactured of high quality extruded PVC material with a wood core frame, providing an energy efficient patio door which is an ENERGY STAR Qualified product. This door offers a frame design with more rigidity and thermal conductivity than a patio door with a vinyl only frame.

The unique design with a solid core of pre-fabricated finger joint wood wrapped in an innovative PVC extrusion offers ease of installation, increased strength, and lower conductivity of the colder temperatures. The wood core allows fasteners to be positioned in any location adapting easily to any type of wall construction, whether it would be steel stud, concrete, or your traditional wood framing construction.

Also, when sidelites and transoms are part of the design, the 6500 series is recommended for this application. The increased rigidity in the frame system supports the load and stress applied by the surrounding fixed windows.

The patio doors come in standard sizes to fit most openings, but can be custom made for a premium to fit an exact opening if required.

  • Tempered Low E glazing is standard in all the doors we sell.
  • Many options are available to upgrade handles and security features.
  • The patio doors come standard white, but can be factory painted in and/or out any of several standard colours.
  • Also available in standard size doors is the popular internal mini-blinds sealed inside the Low E glazing.



Newcastle Patio Doors

Newcastle P.D. Cover Page

Newcastle P.D. Options
Newcastle Patio Door Features



A door is a movable structure used to open and close off an entrance, typically consisting of a panel that swings on hinges or that slides or rotates inside of a space.
Gladstone is a custom entry door manufacturer specializing in steel insulated and fiberglass door systems.
Whether you require a just a simple entry door or a leaded glass entry with sidelites and transom for your grand entrance every door is manufactured to your specific requirements using the most energy efficient products available today.

Garden Doors, sometimes referred to as Terrace or French Doors, are commonly used to replace existing Sliding Patio Doors but can be used in new construction or anywhere in your home for a wide open feel and look, while still maintaining security, and energy efficiency.

Gladstone Garden Doors are available in 2 or 3 panel configurations in a range of standard sizes to fit almost any application. Custom size Garden Doors are available with some restrictions. All Gladstone Garden Doors are fitted with an external sliding screen or Roll-Away hidden screens are available as an option.

High Door

  • 24 Gauge Hot Dipped G-40 galvanized steel
  • Factory pre-finished {white) to resist rusting
  • J-Bend edges for a stronger structure and better looking finish


  • Choose from an extensive selection of patterns from 6 of the largest glass manufacturers in Canada
  • Tempered glass on the exterior and interior surfaces for added security
  • Energy Star Rated
  • PVC frames, will not turn yellow and will not peel when factory painted. STYRENE and/or RESIN frames cannot be painted.


  • Solid Urethane foam core
  • HCFC free, protects the Ozone Layer
  • Will keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer


  • Kiln dried Eastern White Pine
  • Provides excellent structural stability
  • Separates the steel skins to provide a positive thermal break


  • Full 12. wood "LOCK BLOCK"
  • Reinforces the area where hardware is installed and pr events "crushing" In that area
  • Allows for a full range of locksets, dead bolts and decorative hardware


  • Premium Q-Lon Compression weather-stripping at the jambs and head provides the ultimate in weather protection
  • Q-Lon 2-Mag magnetic weather-stripping is available as an option
  • Q-Lon non wicking corner pads wrap under the main weather-stripping to provide a superior barrier to water and air infiltration

  • Premium Ball Bearing Hinges—no metal to metal contact
  • Smooth action through the full swing
  • Fastened with "T" Nuts at strategic points for extra strength
  • Available in 6 finishes to match most hardware
  • Decorative hinge tips available


  • All door frames are available with an exterior, PREMIUM EXTRUDED PVC capping system in White or a Factory Applied Paint Finish
  • All door frames are available with exterior PVC cladding either white or pre-finished
  • Kiln dried eastern white Canadian pine
  • Will not warp or split Available in a White Primed Finish, ready for painting or an optional Natural Finish


  • Low profile, adjustable sill
  • Composite substrate...not wood
  • Available in mill finish, bronze or bronze-black


  • Attached to the sill of the door slab into factory prepared slots
  • The sweep is made of a long lasting, tear resistant rubber
  • Ends are sealed to prevent water damage
  • No unsightly Vinyl or screws on the face of the door


  • 18 gauge steel
  • Hardware latch & strike plate are fastened through the frame into the security plate for added strength and peace of mind
Steel Door with Executive PanelsTextured Fiberglass D.D.

Sliding Mirror Doors

Infinitely Beautiful
Undeniable Practical

DSH Door Systems Hardware

Nothing beats DSH sliding doors for decorative effect and functional value. DSH sliding doors are found in some the world's most elegantly appointed homes. Whether panelled or mirrored, DSH sliding doors are the perfect finishing touch to any room or area. Their distinctive design and unsurpassed beauty combine to create a luxurious look you'll appreciate.

DSH Sliding Doors


  • Provide full access to the entire opening
  • Have our exclusive integrated anti-jump floating bottom roller system
  • Are available in a wide variety of door types
  • Can be made to fit floor to ceiling and wall to wall applications
  • Come in your choice of framed or our unique "edgeguard" frameless models
  • With mirror inserts add timeless elegance to any room while creating the illusion of greater space and enhancing the natural light
  • Will accept inserts up to 1/2" (12mm) thick, giving you an unlimted range of options including mirror, board and melamine
DSH Bifold Doors


  • Require much less space than conventional swing-out doors
  • With our offset pivot action provide full closet access
  • Utilize a slimline frame which adds to their decorative beauty
Frameless Beveled Sliding Doors


  • With custom mirrors for a totally mirrored look.